Tom Baskeyfield

Artist of Place, Nature and Environment

Tom Baskeyfield

To The Land
(more than just ‘the view’ )

I am drawn to the land,

To the hills, quarries, fields & woods.

I am drawn to the old stone flags that line the footpaths.

I am drawn to the dry-stone walls that mark the boundaries of fields and the life that grows there.

I am drawn to thoughts about the creation of these things,

To the men who cut out the stone, who shaped it, who laid it.

I am drawn to coppiced trees.

I am drawn to the defiant weeds that stand proud at the corners of buildings.

I am drawn to the flight of crows going home to roost and the beauty of a fallen feather.

I am drawn to the swifts and swallows that grace the summer skies.

I am drawn to the moths fluttering at the evening light.

I am drawn to the blossom on apple trees.

I am drawn to the history of a more land-based culture.

I am drawn to materials that have had a past life.

I am drawn to walking, a slower pace of life.

I am drawn to simpler things.

Through my work I reflect on these things.

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MA Art and Environment at Falmouth University
09/2010 – 09/2011 Falmouth, UK
PGCE Further, Higher and Adult Education at Bolton University
09/2006 – 06/2007 Bolton, UK
BA Fine Art (hons) at Manchester Metropolitan University
09/2001 – 06/2004 Manchester, UK